Monday, November 19, 2007

Caps (Need) To Begin Rebound Tonight

Bobtimist Prime has correctly noted that, when DCO is in the Verizon Center press box, two things happen: Alexander Semin plays, and the Capitals win. While we may concede that this study is currently based on a relatively small sample set (1 game), it is nevertheless compelling evidence of the power of concentrated optimism. While we wait for the beginning of the Sutherby-less era of Caps hockey, we look with great hope at the healthiest lineup that has taken the ice in many weeks. We’re not the only ones, either. It would seem that, despite some setbacks in recent weeks, there is still much positive thinking to be found amongst Caps fans. Maybe they correctly surmise that there is much time left in this season for a comeback; perhaps they still see that there is too much raw and refined talent on this club for them to remain in last place indefinitely; it could be that they see in the resurgent (and comparatively talented) Wizards the team the Caps could become.

Whatever the case, we do acknowledge that this is a far more important November matchup with the Panthers than we would have imagined it would be a month ago. They need the two points, and against an apparently warring Panthers team, the two points are there to be taken.

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