Friday, July 11, 2008

Optimism in Numbers

Perhaps you have a pessimistic, optimism-hating, naysaying friend/co-worker who loves to revel in all things negative regarding the Nationals. Perhaps they decry the struggles of Austin Kearns while brushing off the accomplishments of All-Star and NL hit leader Christian Guzman. Maybe they even forward to you one of the most glum Boswell columns in recent history. In short, they ignore the scraps of good out there and bask in the bad.

If you know such a person, especially if they are one to audaciously claim to be a Nats fan in the midst of their constant naysaying, rest assured this day that they are in the apparently vast minority of Nationals fans, and that the majority, like you, maintains a sunny outlook on the franchise. The proof for such a statement? The current poll on the Nationals Journal.

As of 12:30 this morning (love the three day weekend), fully 84% believe Manny Acta will one day lead a Nats team with a winning record, and 62% believe The Plan will, within five years, result in a playoff contender.

These numbers are a fresh, if surprising, indicator that most believe the team is ultimately pointed in the right direction, even if we have to suffer through an injury-addled season such as this one to get there. It’s the big picture over the short-sighted obsession with finding every last drawback, like pointing out the Nats’ ultimately losing last night’s 11-inning game without seeing the hope-inducing comebacks in two consecutive innings that kept the game alive (that awful Austin Kearns throwing in a 2-run double in the bottom of the 10th to tie).

So do not be discouraged, optimists. There are evidently more of us out there than anyone would have previously thought.

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Great post! I have linked to this on The DC Feed.