Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Two-Game Unbeaten Streak is Completely Consequential (so is the name)

We admittedly don't post much about DC United here, and (maybe) shame on us for doing so. However, the team's recent tie-and-win combination, after losing their first three games to the great consternation of some, is worthy of note. It's also a good time to continue our occasional series pointing out that, no matter how bad the situation for a local team, there is always a team somewhere else in much worse shape.

Today it's not so much about on-field performance, but about stupid team nicknames. Sure, the United are currently in second-to-last place in the Eastern Conference (though surely not for long), but would you rather they be in, say, second place with a name as awful as the Red Bulls? While DC shares the name of a prestigious title-winning team, New York (what, no more -New Jersey?) is named after, um, sugar water. Pretty cool (it actually might be, if not for the blatant our-team-is-named-after-a-commercial-product angle. Even the Anaheim Ducks managed to salvage their name by shedding "Mighty"). Next year, DCO looks forward to following the NFL's New York Gatorades and the NHL's New York Propel Fitness Waters. Soon to be folowed by the NBA's Brooklyn 5-Hour-Energy Drinks.

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