Monday, September 15, 2008

Vote For 'Tism

Chico Harlan, citing anecdotal evidence, has declared that Nationals fans, "with near unanimity", want the team to lose the rest of the month to secure the #1 draft pick. While this sort of nonsense may fly in areas prone to hating optimism (NY, Philly), it has no place here, particularly with the Master of Optimism, Manny Acta, manning the helm. Fortunately, the poll posted on the Nationals Journal currently shows anything but unanimous fan consent to intentional tanking (unlike, say, the Penguins in their last regular season game).

So vote for 'tism, and let's hope we're all spared a local media deluge of stories with the premise "look how bad the Nats are! haw haw haw!". I'm talking about you, Dick Heller.


Truth About It said...

An absurd split of hairs...the MLB fails to compare to the NBA, or even the NFL in terms value of the overall #1 pick.

I want to see the Nats play hard and ruin it for the Mets or the Phillies.

DC Optimist said...

Agreed, though the Mets (again) seem to be doing a pretty good job of ruining it for themselves.

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