Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Relax. Everything's Going to Be Fine.

Well, that was some sixth inning, wasn't it? Anybody else looking forward to bidding farewell to RFK? To 407-foot shots off the bats of Nationals that are hauled in for long outs, a la Dmitri Young tonight and countless others before him? Seriously, what the hell?

But it's ok, really. We'll be back playing teams without guys hitting in the .380s before you know it. No list tonight of reasons to be happy in the face of a loss and a sweep at the hands of the Tigers, but if anyone has such reasons, please share. In the meantime, there are the Cleveland Indians to prepare for. The Indians, who Hope Manny brings an extra dose of 'Tism with him to the ballpark.

Again, it's cool. We're alright. This too shall pass. It's not like they've lost nine in a row. They could be like the Rangers, or this blog post: adrift and rambling, without a plan, with no real idea of how to tidy things up.

We have The Plan. We have Manny. We have, um, Dmitri miked up, being an overall nice guy, exchanging pleasantries with his old pals on the Tigers after they have secured another base hit.

There will be better days. There have to be better days.

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