Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The District: 6
"The Best": 0

November 8: Capitals 4 Senators 1
December 29: Capitals 8 Senators 6
December 30: Redskins 27 Cowboys 6
January 1: Capitals 6 Senators 3
January 12: Wizards 85 Celtics 78
January 14: Wizards 88 Celtics 83
January 15: Capitals X Senators X-2

Possibly meaningless-but-nevertheless-impressive statistics: Capitals account for 27.2% of all Senators’ losses this season (subject to go up after completing the season sweep tonight); Redskins 33.3% of all Cowboys’ regular season losses; Wizards 33.3% of all Celtics’ losses.


SportsBog said...

Plus the Redskins were awesome vs. the Patriots!!!!!

DC Optimist said...

We only recognize results since November 8. Duh. Snide comments always welcome.
Caps make it 7-0 in favor of The District.

Unknown said...

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