Monday, January 28, 2008

A Lesson From Philly (of all places)

In the past few weeks, DCO has joined with the rest of the known universe in endorsing Gregg Williams as the next Redskins’ head coach, going so far as to predict seven Super Bowl titles in the next thirteen years (to coincide with the Alex Ovechkin contract extension) for the Assistant Head Coach-Defense. Of course, as we learned this weekend, that prediction has no chance of happening now (unlike everything else in the DCO Crystal Ball projections that have excellent chances of happening). So much for overwhelming public opinion. It looks like positive fan vibes for Williams couldn’t get him hired in the way negative vibes for Jim Fassel may have prevented the former Ravens’ offensive dynamo assistant coach from being hired.

Here is possibly the most un-optimistic thing written on the DCO pages since its glorious inception ten months ago: that totally sucks. However the heir-apparent to persona-non-grata devolution went down, it doesn’t seem to have happened well, chummy public statements notwithstanding. Speculation is probably pointless, and we’ll probably never know what really happened in those dozens of hours of interviews betwixt Williams and Danny Snyder.

Still, even though this often-criticized (sometimes rightfully) ownership can try the optimism of even the most ‘tism-centric fan, we can’t turn a completely negative eye towards the proceedings, potentially continuity-shattering hires aside.

Whatever happens, let’s not be Philadelphia Eagles fans. More specifically, let’s not be Eagles fans a la the drafting of Donovan McNabb. Let’s not jump to immediately booing/negatively posting about the non-Gregg-Williams coaching selection in the way derelict Philly “faithful” jumped to immediately (vigorously) booing McNabb, the non-Ricky-Williams Eagles draft selection. Of course, those famously lifelong-loyal and loaded-with-talent-evaluating acumen fans looked quite the fools as McNabb garnered MVP votes and Pro Bowl appearances while leading the Eagles to division titles and a Super Bowl (the Philly championship drought continues unabated, however) while Ricky Williams underachieved, got injured and smoked pot. (There's probably a Houston vs. Mario Williams and Reggie Bush lesson in here as well, but we don't dislike Houston as much as Philadelphia, so let's leave it at that.)

So let’s not knee-jerkingly vilify whoever our non-Williams turns out to be, because we don’t want to look as dumb as Eagles fans when this mystery gentleman starts pulling in accolades and titles.

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