Monday, March 3, 2008

It's On

What’s this? Gilbert Arenas cleared to practice? In these post Are-They-Better-Without-Gilbert days, that is certainly reason for optimism. Better yet, Gilbert appears to be willing to take it slow with the comeback this time around, ensuring he will be around when the playoffs start (still stubbornly holding on to that sixth seed), leading the Wizards to that long-delayed parade.

The target return would seem to be “before we go west”, referring to that late March five game road trip that Ivan Carter and Michael Lee refer to as “challenging”. Well, if the exposed patsies and pretenders from New Orleans are any indication of what the Wizards face against the Superior To All Things teams of the Western Conference, all will be well indeed.

Speaking of on, the Caps are on. On Versus. Joe Beninati doesn’t look or sound right sitting or speaking next to someone not named Craig Laughlin.

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Anonymous said...

Especially not that ex penguin vowel challenged Eddie Olcyk(sp?)