Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Important Stat From Peter King

I’ve tried to ignore this, having already been slightly negative yesterday (granted, it was about Philadelphia, and apparently I’m not alone in that regard), but I can’t let it go, and I can’t get it out of my head.

Peter King, treading dangerously close to old school Larry-King-randomly-bloviating-in-USA-Today territory, writes in the MVP Watch section of his MMQB, “Is it my imagination, or does [Tony] Romo lead the league in smiling?”

Ugh. I’m lost as to what else to say. Just, ugh. Perhaps this statement is rooted in statistical analysis, NFL-wide research, and hours of pouring over sideline footage, but more likely it’s a disgustingly flip remark and yet another indication of the inexplicable fawning over the slick-fingered Romo (no, we will never forget The Snap).

Leads the league in smiling? Maybe. He certainly leads the league in doofy backwards hat wearing. What about the rest of the Cowboys? What charming, adorable stats to they rack up? Does Wade Phillips lead the league in cute puppy scratching? Does Jerry Jones set the NFC standard in hearty chuckles? Will Roy William dust the rest of pro football when it comes to vivacious winking? Again, ugh.

There, it's out of my system. More traditional 'tism on the way, we swear.

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