Monday, July 2, 2007

Nylander to Edmonton = No Cause for Concern

If the reports are true, and Michael Nylander is off the board, it's ok. It would have been nice to see him back in DC, but he wouldn't be a long-term solution. He would in fact likely be a short-term, overly expensive solution.

So again, don't panic. Get Mike Comrie in here. Or continue to pursue tantalizing trade options. Or break the glass on the Yashin Contingency Plan. Actually, the more we think about it, Yashin would be a perfect fit in the pantheon of Redeemed Athletes in DC, most notably and recently our all-star first baseman.

Update 12:20 PM: It might not be a done deal after all. Hats off to Japers' Rink for going to the source.

Update 3:20 PM: It's sounding more and more like he may be headed to Edmonton after all. We stand by our initial headline statement.

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