Monday, November 12, 2007

Is Another World-Shocking Road Trip Imminent?

We tried looking back 220+ years to find precedent for a Redskins upset in New England. While that didn’t work out quite the way we expected, we’re very confident that more recent precedent will help them out in Dallas. Maybe it’s not as odd as looking to the 1991 Detroit Lions for inspiration, but it’s still fair to call it unlikely. Following their possibly disheartening collapse of a loss to the Eagles, the Redskins should be inspired by some (not all) recent play of the Washington Capitals. How’s that? After all, they have a lot in common, like a similar number of wins.

Think about it. Last week the Capitals also slogged through an uninspired match against an inferior division opponent, in their case the Atlanta Thrashers. They lost that game in overtime (late fourth quarter?), and the loss caused great unrest throughout the fanbase (calls for a coaching change sound familiar?) as the team prepared to visit the Ottawa Senators, the powerhouse of the Eastern Conference. Likewise the Redskins prepare to go on the road to visit the (I choke on these words) powerhouse of the East, the Dallas Cowboys (Side Note! The Chicago Tribune would seem to possibly maybe agree with us on the absurdity of the national Tony Romo love affair! That is, they somewhat sarcastically reference it). Many fans seem ready to chalk this road trip up to a crushing loss, as was the case when the Caps were on their way to Ottawa.

As we all know, the Caps put on a shockingly dominant performance against the Senators and handed them their second loss. See, another similarity! Both powerhouse teams had or currently have one loss with Washington heading to town. Is it possible a second such team could be receiving its second loss in an unlikely defeat? Wouldn’t that be great and (almost) completely make up for games like those against the Eagles, Packers, and Saints? Speaking of the Packers game, remember how the Redskins came really, really close to pulling off that unllikely road upset? Just think of the possibilities if it's not raining in Dallas and Santana Moss does not have to deal with a slippery ball!

So there you go. Remember the Caps in Ottawa when the Redskins play in Dallas.

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