Friday, April 18, 2008

DCO Salutes 1988

Ahh, 1988. What a year. I turned 11, was a big fan of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and loved hearing schoolyard whispers of the supposedly imminent release of Super Mario Brothers 3 (one kid was even said to own a copy from Japan. He was a god).

The Cubs played at Wrigley at night for the first time. Iran-Contra and perestroika captured our hearts. Sonny Bono became Mayor Sonny Bono. Dan Quayle. Michael Dukakis. Kirk Gibson’s home run. The Seoul Summer Games and highly curious boxing judges.

Let's see, what else happened? Oh yeah, the Caps faced a 3-games-to-1 deficit against the Philadelphia Flyers (after losing game 4 in overtime in Philly) in the first round of the playoffs and came back to win the series in seven games. Loved 1988.

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