Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hit the Club Make the Folks Scream HU-ET!

I know ATL-based Southern-fried crunk rap and French Canadian goalies are about as congruous as Tom Boswell attempting to interpret the lyrics to "Bend Ya Knees," but everytime I see the Cristobal Huet, he of seven straight W's, and nine of his last eleven, shut down a flopping Carolina Hurricane two-on-one (leading to a fitting Jordan Staal board-delivering that Staal, channelling Manu Ginobili, somehow found a way to flop into), I can't help but think of Youngbloodz' 1999 hit "U-Way" thus leading to its hook burrowing itself into my conscious. While I will temporarily justify the usage of the insufferable Journey get-drunken-white-girls-to-sing staple "Don't Stop Believing," as it is Nick Backstrom's favorite song according to Brooks Laich, I think the CapsMix2008 might be missing this gem (as it is missing pretty much all rap music). I implore you not to listen to this and want to hit the club (Verizon Center) and make the folks scream it.


Anonymous said...

What about "Shoot your shot" by Ugly Duckling? Surely this should be Ovie's theme song.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Excellent song suggestion Bob.

As for an Ovie song, I think Filter's "Hey Man, Nice Shot" would be perfect.