Friday, May 2, 2008

Best Songaila Suspension Outrage Comment

Everyone knows that the place to get the pulse of the Wizards fanbase, in addition to the lame taunts of trolling Clevelanders, is the oft-bizarre, un-modded comments section of the Washington Post's Wizards Insider blog! While they already pay someone to find the super-sweet comments, we found one particular quip that was so brilliant we thought that more props ought to be distributed.

Instead of posting rightful outrage against the conspiracy-driving Lebron Official-nados ourselves, we thought we would instead let the anonymous commenter speak for us all (in his/her best Buckhantz voice):
Great job there, guy/girl. RE: Lame Cleveland trolls posting the same lame DeShawn Stevenson statutory rape joke like 12 times in a row, it still isn't funny.

These others however, funny:

"I can't feel my jaw!!!" - DC Man88

"The NBA. Where fixing the playoffs happens." - Ben

"Wanna know the definition of irony?
Cavs fans coming on Wizards site to say we are crybabies.
Calling US crybabies? You need to wake up and smell the crap. Have you seen what your poster boy has been doing all series long?" - Brickjp

etc. etc. etc. for like ever.

Other blogs are gathering the responses, including a rather neutered one from DCO bff Jake the Snake from Bullets Forever. C'Mon Jake, if the NBA governing bodies can't express professionalism, why should you. (still love you though)

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Anonymous said...

It was one of those neutered by rage things. Like when someone goes out and wrecks your car and you're so furious that you can't even yell. You just mutter something and everyone kind of just gets away because they know you're about to use a sledgehammer* on something.

*-Nothing was harmed by a sledgehammer in the making of this specific post.