Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The DCO will avoid cliched "Dream" speech parallels, leaving the legacy of Dr. King to be interpreted by a resurrected Etan Thomas, but we must say, what a glorious MLK Day it was, capping off a brilliant weekend of surges from both the Caps and the Wiz, with 'tism levels reaching heights not seen since Cowboys fans were left spitting on themselves in late December. The holiday had not only a fan-freaking-tastic Capitals downing of the referee-abetted Pens, but it also held yet another team-defining sweep of another first-place powerhouse by the Wiz. With other positive results from Georgetown Men's Hoops and some team from College Park, one can see the residual effects of 'tism overload first-hand. Could a chance meeting between the DCO contingent and the Master at the Caps game the other night have sparked this tremendous outpouring of local sports brilliance? Could Manny's gracious sharpie swaying across one of the DCO's luxurious business cards have triggered strangely successful shootout bids and the all-cotton results of Deshawn Stevenson way way way behind the arc bombs? Could it lead to even more chance encounters with Wizard luminaries during nightclub outings? Could any more clever Canadians attempt to befoul the Washington hockey fanbase (aka "the charity cases") with their poignantly prickish prose, thereby serving to amp up t-levels? Do blog titles in all caps provide enough of an enthusiastic emphasis?

One has to think that all of these questions can be answered positively, as the DCO RENAISSANCE that began this past weekend is one that will continue until both Gilbert suits up and the entire Southeastern NHL division is only seen by Niklas Backstrom's Comcast Sportsnet profiled peripherals ("STEEL SEE IT. STEEL SEE IT."). It will also continue when the Assistant Coach-Defense finally works out the details of his contract and becomes the Redskins next head coach. WE'RE PUTTING IT ALL ON THE TABLE!