Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Only Way To Tally Caps vs. Leafs

With a positive spin of the Redskins' postseason as precedent, we feel confident in saying the Capitals resoundingly defeated the Maple Leafs at Air Canada Centre this season. Combining the 7-1 laugher of October 29 with tonight's 3-2 non-win, the Caps outscored the Leafs 9-4 in hallowed non-Ovechkin-signing Toronto. This MLS-playoff-type tally give Washington the decisive edge.

Does it stink to lose at least one potential standings point with 29.2 seconds left? Is it galling to see the Hurricanes with their three-more-games-played-padded lead in the Southeast Division still intact? Certainly. But, a win tomorrow over these already-vanquished-in-the-North Leafs and idle Carolina will be sitting one measly point away when the games resume after the All Star break. It would have been nice rolling into that same break with the division lead in hand, but it can wait, being as inevitable as it is.

How much longer until we're talking about a 70-goal pace for Alex Ovechkin?

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