Friday, July 20, 2007

Self-Promotion Friday

The dearth of recent posts is not due to some sudden (and tragic) drop-off in optimism levels on this site. Such levels are, in fact, unmoved, and may even be higher, thanks to everyone's new favorite pinch hitter, D'Angelo Jimenez. With a simple stroke of his .040 bat, DA won last night's game and exacted a measure of revenge on drunk-with-power and optimism-hating homeplate umpire Rob Drake, who had the unprecedented gall to eject the inspirational Dmitri Young in the third inning. How is winning a game revenge against an umpire? It just is.

No, we've been relatively post-less because of our careful crafting of a guest post for master of the Bog Dan Steinberg. Head on over to the Bog and read the compelling evidence for cutting two local teams some slack in the record books. If, after reading, you'd rather chalk up our downturn in posting to utter laziness, feel free.

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Pop Cultured said...

i don't like the nats, yet i read all the time...seems like a good sign...