Sunday, December 30, 2007

There's Someone Worse Than Us

Seems like I missed quite the hockey contest. Somehow I don't think that periodic updates via cellphone whilst traversing the New Jersey Turnpike and I-95 do justice to the wild insane f***ing crazy 8-6 shocker the Caps laid on the good citizens of Ottawa.

Some quick math demonstrates that our Capitals have been responsible for 22.2% of the East-leading Senators' losses. For good measure, all 22.2% of those losses have been on the aforementioned opponent's home ice. Just wait until the Caps get the Sens on that world-renowned Verizon Center ice on New Year’s Day!

Some quicker (and even less-complicated) math demonstrates that the Capitals can now claim the mantle of Not Worst Team in the Eastern Conference (hello down there to the Tampa Bay Lightning), and earned at least a standings point in 10 out of 13 games in December. There is probably some poetic symmetry in achieving this honor by beating the best team in the conference, but I’m too tired to notice (more than six hours of driving and contending with Meadowlands-bound Pats/Giants fanatics will do that to you).

So yeah, too bad I missed this one. As the cellphone updates ill-served the grandeur of the victory, so too did the choppy video highlights on and, sadly, even the competent and soothing reporting of Lindsay Czarniak on channel 4 (seriously, though, Georgetown vs. AU highlights before the Caps? Come on. I can't stay up all night). Nevertheless, we all look forward to a repeat performance come Tuesday, as the Caps continue to make up that ever-shrinking distance between themselves and the rest of the East (five points to a playoff spot and counting; eight to the division lead).

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