Sunday, December 23, 2007

King Wrong (Again)

Well, here we are: just hours away from determining the fate of the Redskins’ season. Despite what Peter King thinks, this game is utterly hugely important. It was fairly (but not entirely) shocking reading his picks earlier this week and seeing this gem regarding the Skins and Vikings nationally broadcasted game: “a game that interested only two markets at 8 PM” (he does predict that many will eventually watch a close, Adrian-Petersen-dominated game, but the snippy damage is done).

Hmm. I would think that, at the very least, lots of people in New Orleans and New York will find this game very compelling, as the result could play into their teams’ post-season future (if any). Things could get really interesting if the Bills hold off the Giants and further along New York’s Mets-like fall from contention. I’m hoping that, prior to the game, somebody gave a revenge-for-Super-Bowl-XXV speech. Buffalo fans, after all, seem to have as long and thirsty (and sometimes confusing) a memory for revenge as Ravens fans. Thus, the motivation for payback for a 17-year-old grudge could be powerful.

The game would also have been interesting to fans of the Carolina Panthers, but the former perennially popular pick to go to the Super Bowl blew it last night against the Cowboys. And speaking of the Cowboys, King, as usual, found great interest in all things Dallas, mentioning “the most famous thumb in recent football history” as the primary item of focus in that game. Apparently Tony Romo’s boo-boo makes for more gripping (get it?) football than a team trying to play on and make the playoffs not even a month after the murder of one of their own. Seems the swooning over Romo blinds one to all else (and we already know how much in love King is with the doofy Dallas QB).
It’s getting more and more disgusting seeing Romo’s continuing transformation into the critics’ Arthur Fortune, the trendily popular billionaire who (temporarily) captured the hearts of the slavishly suggestible citizens of Springfield.

So, ignoring King and the rest of the Tony-fawners, let’s look forward to this destined-to-be-successful trip to Minnesota. The game is important to many for many reasons, even if he doesn’t think so.

UPDATE 11:40 PM: Give King credit, he came within one point of correctly picking the Vikings' final score. Adrian Peterson didn't quite "run wild" per his prediction, however (9 rushes, 27 yards).

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