Sunday, September 9, 2007

Second Quarter

- Dislocated Ankle. Dislocated Ankle. How painful does that sound? How unnecessary was that injury to Jansen? Could Jason Taylor have been more offside on that play? Not that calling the penalty would have prevented the injury, but it would have prevented that sack and could have helped that drive result in more than just a field goal. Stupid 'Tism-hating ref.
- Despite the grotesque injury, the Skins moved 75 yards against that vaunted, god-like (or so we're lead to believe) Dolphins' D. Perhaps now they are the overrated unit.
- Loving the Portis/Betts combo. Each looks fresh every time he touches the ball; still running over D-men for extra yards.
- A sack and a turnover for the Skins in under a half! How long did it take to reach those totals a season ago? McIntosh causing the fumble. Love this kid. We'll say it again, the D is back.
- Campbell threads the needle again to Randle El for big yardage. Early INT is ancient history.
- The crowd sounds amazing, save the Dolphins' fans. Seriously, such people still exist?
- Campbell is still basically a rookie. He's going to do things like miss a wide-open Santana Moss from time to time.
- No need to worry about Santana's drop. The quality of his hands is not in question. He'll make a ridiculous grab again, probably before this game is finished.
- Booker drops a pass in the middle of Area 51. The first of many such drops with possible-beheading thoughts on the mind?
- Skins D gives up the late touchdown. They should have tried jumping offside. It worked for the Dolphins.
- 7-3 is anything but insurmountable. They can beat these bums yet.

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