Thursday, September 6, 2007

< 100

Ahhhhhhhh. We’ve waited for four months and through the endless ridicule of co-workers and detractors, but we now know for sure that, at season’s end, the Nationals’ loss column will contain only two digits. The 100+ loss season has not come to pass in DC. The same cannot yet be said for Baltimore, Tampa Bay, Chicago (White Sox), Florida, or Pittsburgh. While these teams are likely to soon eclipse 63 wins, it’s nice to get there ahead of somebody.

The one non-63-eclipser could be Baltimore if they keep dropping 17-2 laughers to the Devil Rays. We must thank Ballmer, though, for answering our question from a couple of days ago as to how the Orioles could be further embarrassed this season. We didn’t see this one coming. Sure looks like somebody in Tampa wants to shed the Worst Team in MLB stigma. Still, record aside: the Orioles are much worse than the Devil Rays.

With win 63 securely in hand, the Road to 72 (and thus a tangible improvement over last year’s team, which wouldn’t recognize the current team) is as open as the Lerners’ off-season checkbook. They could even reach 73 wins, pushing the loss total to <90. preamble to the start of the Redskins’ season. It’s what we, and like-minded optimists, knew was inevitable.

NOTE: Thanks to William Yurasko for the iconic DC 63 road sign. If all goes according to Plan, it will be joined in history by 72 and 73.

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WFY said...

Random fact: DC wanted the current I-295 to be called I-63. That's a no-no per numbering conventions.