Sunday, September 9, 2007

Third Quarter

- Campbell to Randle El: an emerging Manning to Harrison?
- Portis eats yards; Portis scores; opening drive brilliance
- Portis absence from the preseason would seem to be a non-issue
- Rocky's preseason mastery carries over into the real season; eat the midfield logo, Trent Green
- Offensive line protection looking good, even with Jansen missing. Receivers will get open
- Good defensive stand inside the 10, again without the benefit of jumping offside
- Almost forgot how well Campbell can run. On that play, Portis shows he still knows how to throw a hit/block
- Huge catch by Moss to close out the quarter; we knew he couldn't stay out of the game forever
- Sure a 10-10 tie at the end of 3 isn't exactly what we had in mind, but the offense is able to move, the D really is holding back alleged genius Cam Cameron's offense, and, above all else, 'tism is on our side

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