Monday, September 17, 2007

DCO to Andy Reid: Thank You

Apparently, Andy Reid is a closet 'tism-lover. Exhibit A: his questionable timeout called while the Redskins were lining up for a questionably called field goal attempt. We can only surmise that Reid sees the same potential in the Skins offense that we do, and wanted to give Gibbs and company the chance to re-think their flat-out weird call to try for 3 with 14 seconds left in the half. Following Reid's correct call, Gibbs responded with the correct call to go for the TD, even giving the O more room to work by ordering an intentional delay of game and false start.
Now at the end of the half we are treated to the beautiful serenade of the Philly faithful, those fans that in the pre-game Chris Berman declared would "adopt you for life" once you were "in" with them. Truly moronic.
A lead at the half! Mrs. DCO is happy because Santana and the D need to get her big fantasy points tonight. We're all happy for the lead and for the thumping the Nats are putting on the Mets.

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