Sunday, September 9, 2007

Fourth Quarter

- Hmmm, didn't see this coming
- How great was it to see Joe Gibbs: A) Go for it on fourth and two. B) Blow up on the refs when they called the offense for a fals start on the same play. Neither thing has been a Gibbs trademark the last few years, so perhaps this indicates yet another Redskins' change-of-philosophy, to go along with not overpaying free agents, not trading away multiple draft picks, and using the draft picks they had wisely
- The Campbell-Randle El thing is going to work out just fine. That deflected catch as time expired was just about the 'tism-soaked ending we were looking for. Oh yeah, and Campbell heaved that throw about 70 yards.
- Mike Sellers is still a beast capable of running over even the Gumbel-and-Dierdorf-worshipped Jason Taylor

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