Sunday, September 9, 2007


- Joe Gibbs, showing faith in his kicker like Manny Acta shows it in his closer, calls for a 40-yard field goal attempt on 1st down in OT. Optimism rewarded (he just needs to watch the kicks instead of looking at the ground, but we still appreciate the vote of confidence).
- Portis looking every bit the big-time confident back we know he is. Leading with his shoulder as he fights for an extra yard or two in overtime! Welcome back, Clinton.
- Campbell stares down the Dolphins' blitz on third and long and finds Cooley for the biggest first down of the game.

I also appreciate the game wrapping up quickly in overtime, as I have to now leave to pick up Mrs. DC Optimist at the airport. She was unfortunate enough to have to miss all of this flying back from CA.

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