Sunday, September 9, 2007

Optimism Sunday

Judging from the sample of fans interviewed during the pregame and pre-pregame shows on Comcast this morning, it is clear that, despite 5-11, 'tism levels in Redskins fans remain high, as though last year never happened. It's as though the teams is still coming off of that 10-6, divisional-playoff high. And why not? The legions of fans arriving at FedEx field at 7:30 AM know that the defense is once again stout. They know that the offense will find its footing. They know that it's just the Dolphins coming to town, who are basically the equivalent of a I-AA warm-up team (does not apply if your team name is Michigan). These early optimism-lovers, as they drink their fill of 'Tism-Aide in the parking lots, know what can be accomplished this season. Perhaps inspired by Manny's Nats, they know that low expectations from the experts, including misguided notions of last-place finishes, mean nothing. Besides, we have the ultimate expert on our side, one who knows something about beating the Dolphins. Riggo says they can prevail, so they will.

It's traditionally the most optimistic Sunday of the year in NFL cities (unless those cities are Detroit, Houston, or Oakland), but in DC, 'tism levels are truly off the charts. Bobtimist Prime is in the afformentioned parking lots. I am here to cover from the TV side. It begins.

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