Saturday, August 18, 2007

Welcome Wily Mo!

The Wily Mo Pena trade has paid immediate dividends with a well-drawn walk and now a run scored against the Mets. DCO joins ex-Reds Felipe Lopez and Austin Kearns in believing Wily Mo has 40 home run potential and loves the acquisition. We hope also it might push fellow left fielder Ryan Church into pushing his performance into the .280, 20 HR range. One other thing: Jesus Flores was totally safe at first base and the John Lannan legend grows with his first major league RBI, driving in the same soon-to-be-legendary Wily Mo. One other, other thing: A Nook Logan home run is imminent these days, with a ball hit off the top of the wall the other night and a well-hit ball to left tonight that turned into a sacrifice fly. One other, other, other thing: Luis Castillo was totally out at first base. Looks like we may have another call for an umpire firing on our hands. One last other, other, other, other thing: that was as clear a pick-off at second base as I've ever seen. Ronnie was right to rage.

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