Sunday, October 28, 2007

Historical Precedent for an Upset

Not too long ago (ok, a little bit long ago), there was a ragtag group of individuals in New England - visitors in New England, if you will - not highly thought of in the rest of the world. They faced down what was widely considered to be the greatest force in history. They were given little to no chance to succeed if they chose to go head-to-head with this force. They started a little scrap in the Northeast and eventually shocked the world with the ultimate result.

But enough historical bush-beating. The Patriots are the English, the Redcoats, as it were. The Redskins are the American colonists. How ironic that a team named in honor of those noble colonists who fought against English dominance now plays the very role of dominator. How much further ironic that the Patriots will today attempt to hold on to their (perhaps ill-gotten) power not far from the very cradle of American liberty.

Consider: The English stole the colonists’ money and land through taxes. The Patriots steal opponents’ defensive schemes through illicit videotaping. The English crushed weak opposition throughout the colonies with brutal tactics. The Patriots have brutalized such patsies as Buffalo, Cleveland, and the NY Jets, mostly with unnecessarily lopsided scores (though the late TD against the Cowboys was welcome). The English were perceived to be invincible against all but the French. The Patriots are perceived to be invincible against all but the Colts (sorry for that comparison, Indy). The English eventually got it handed to them. The Patriots could be ripe for a handing.

Bill Belichick = King George III
Redskins’ secondary = Minutemen
Tom Brady = Lord Cornwallis
Jason Campbell = Who else, GW
Gillette Stadium = Yorktown
Game Result = The World Turned Upside Down

It’s happened once before. It can happen again. To Arms!

Update at 0-24: Um, we can still salvage this one (this post and the game, I mean). To keep this comparison going, remember how bleak it looked at Valley Forge?

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