Saturday, October 6, 2007

We're Just Sayin'

The Caps played extremely well last night and put actual pressure – consistent, staying-in-the-offensive-zone pressure – on Atlanta while on the power play, much more than their 1 for 7 success rate would indicate. With a road win over the defending division champion Thrashers securely in hand, they come back home to face the Hurricanes, who convincingly defeated St. Crosby (0 G, 0 A, -1; it likely won’t last but let’s enjoy it for one day) and the Penguins last night.

Thanks to the Comcast Sportsnet postgame show for this nugget: the last time the Capitals won their season opener on the road was 1997, when they beat the Maple Leafs in Toronto. We remember that as the Bill Ranford (remember Bill Ranford?) groin-injury game, which ushered in the Era of Olie. What ultimately happened in that other season in which they won their opener on the road? They went to the Stanley Cup Finals……..We’re just sayin’.

UPDATE 11:55 PM - The Capitals are now 2-0. The last time they were 2-0 was 2002-2003, when they went to the playoffs. Just sayin'.


Back when the Redskins were 2-0 (remember those days?), we heard a little buzz-killing optimism hating to the tune of: they beat two lousy teams (Miami and Philadelphia) whose combined record was blah blah blah, so the Skins’ undefeated record was somehow tarnished. Today, of course, they are 2-1 and getting ready to play Detroit, whose 3-1 record could be scrutinized in much the same way.
Dallas, on the other hand, is 4-0 and, because they are Dallas and they are 4-0, are immune to any criticism. A look at their schedule, however, will reveal that the teams they defeated have a combined record of 3-13. We’re just sayin’.

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