Saturday, August 25, 2007

One Good Thing

Yes, Shawn Hill was magnificent again. Yes, Ryan Zimmerman continues to make the case that he might just be able to reach 25 HR, 100 RBI, and .280 before the end of the season. Yes, Wily Mo Pena was a marvelous pickup. And yes, Nook Logan continues to develop into a gap-covering, double-robbing center fielder (and we still believe he'll get that HR this season).

Yet that bundle of facts, wonderful as it is, is not the ultimate positive to emerge from this 'tism-testing (but not breaking) disappointment in Colorado. No, the one thing we can truly be thankful for is that this event, wrenching though it may be right now, will in the long run grant us the benefit of not having to hear our gallant TV announcers say things like "Shawn Hill about to get his fourth win of the season" before the game is over.

If that is the end result, it was worth it. Now go tag 30 on the Rockies in the next one (but nobody say it's over until we are safely in the postgame show; maybe not even until we are reading the result in the next day's paper).

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