Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Seven-Game Non-Winning Streak is Even More Inconsequential

Why does everyone insist on piling on ("bunch of losers"? seriously, Linton Weeks, do you just want to never be able to get press credentials)? It's like no team has ever had a lengthy losing streak before. Why this rush to anoint the Nats as the worst team of all time? It's barely a month into the season, and not even a year into the reign of the new owners. As Mark Zuckerman eloquently points out, in a rebuke of a "expose", it takes time to recover from years of incompetent and (likely purposeful) neglectful MLB team management (we've argued similar points before).

Since it seems like almost nobody is sticking up for this team (except their beloved leader), DCO feels it necessary to, right now, guarantee that the Nats will not lose 100 games. If they do lose 100, then we will apologize to everyone we have maligned as an Optimism-Hater for failing to give this team (or, for that matter, any of our local teams) the beneift of the doubt. Well, almost everyone.

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