Friday, June 22, 2007

Live at Kettler

Just a half-hour to the big "unveiling." It's starting to get busy around here. Rumors of trades and, maybe more interestingly, loyal fans updating their Caps tattoos. Marc Duff (left arm pictured, right) is waiting for a tattoo artist (currently reported to be "on Pennsylvania Avenue") to add some new ink, possibly "on the neck or calf." Further details as events warrant.

Thanks to our new buddy Dan Steinberg for covering this important story on WP live.

Update: Ted Leonsis just stopped in to inform us that there are in fact THREE such fans willing to defile their bodies in honor of the new look.

BOB: The DC Optimist team scurries about the Kettler Iceplex batting eyes at Dan Steinberg and Jill Sorenstam, making friends with people from the internet and thinking of funny things to ask the players without them wanting to punch us. There is a copious amount of FREE name-brand soda, potato chips and perky employees clad in brand new (formerly secret) Capitals logo polos. Things are roped off for us.

Chris Clark, when asked what the team needs to compete for a championship next year, said "not much." The essence of 'Tism. Preach it, Chris.

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