Friday, June 15, 2007

MAO of the Week, 6-15

Just two weeks ago, we never thought we'd award a Manny Acta Optimist of the Week (MAO of the Week) Award to the Washington Times' Mark Zuckerman. Certainly not after his buzzkill of a column in which he chalked up a recent Nats hot streak (which continues to this day, actually) to nothing more than playing "lesser competition." Zuckerman's tounge-lashing from Manny Acta on that very subject seemed to seal his fate as an optimism-hater.

However, much as with Dmitri Young, Ronnie Belliard, Christian Guzman, and Chad Cordero, among others, there is Optimistic Redemption, in the form of this article from Monday. Zuckerman has thus been infected with 'Tism, and lays out eight reasons to celebrate these 2007 Nats. While these reasons may be nothing new to regular readers of this blog (we love and cherish all 20 or so of you), they are an encouraging sign that the message is spreading, The Plan is working, and success may not be as far away as anyone previously thought.

Welcome back to the fold, Mark. And if you want to write about Baltimore being a lesser team, we would not be opposed.

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