Monday, April 9, 2007

Abused Nats Need Our Understanding

Everyone's so negative. Geez, Barry. No wonder the dearly departed Frank (pictured) never looked happy.

The Nationals may own the 30th-best record in the majors at 1-6, but they can take heart that they are only ½ game out of 27th place, which would shatter many experts' expectations, leaving them grasping for answers as to how they could have been so totally wrong.

There is also much more reason for cheer because the Nats are at last not beginning a season under the neglectful watch of MLB: they are being neglected by actual real owners. The lack of starting pitching or depth of proven hitters is not due to the indifference of 29 other team owners, it is because the season is being written off by individuals who actually, personally, own the team! What a wondrous development from last season, when Commissioner of the Century Bud Selig steadfastly refused to allow the team to be purchased until he ensured he could bleed every last possible dollar out of the team find the ownership group who would best serve the interests of himself and the rest of the MLB royalty the Washington franchise and its fans. DCO believes: success!

It's good to know that, even though the Lerners and president/psuedo-owner Stan Kastsen care nothing about this season, there is a plan behind the abject misery to which they are subjecting the team and its loyal fan base of sports columnists. What the 17,000 fans in attendance on Sunday need to realize is that this is but a bump (cistern?) in the road on the way to guaranteed success. So let's get out there and support the boys. It will take some time for the franchise to recover from years of MLB sabotage stewardship. That at least is a compelling and logical excuse for onfield struggles and a reason to not jump ship. What's your excuse, Baltimore?

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