Monday, April 16, 2007

Nationals Continue Beating Up on Top of NL East, Surge Past Phillies

The rain held off this time, and the Nationals continued their recent thrashing of the "elite" teams of the NL East, thoroughly besting the Braves, 5-1. The Nats are now on a "three-day" winning streak, having not lost since Friday. In the process, they left the NL East basement the sole purview of the Philadelphia Phillies. We now wait for the naturally inevitable comparisons between these last-place Phillies and the 1962 Mets. It's only fair.

If the bottom of the order carried the team during its dismantling of the Mets on Saturday, the top carried them here, with Felipe Lopez, Ronnie Belliard, Ryan Zimmerman, and Dmitri Young (doing a fabulous Jackie Robinson impression in both jersey number and hitting prowess) combined for all nine Nats' hits and all five runs. Young would have had a pair of home runs were it not for the freakish dimensions of RFK. Looks like Mitchell Page was right: this team can hit. They may even be able to pitch, with the fourth straight solid contribution from starting pitching. Matt Chico did the honors this time.

Playing division opponents for almost the rest of the month gives the team ample opportunity to further bury the Phillies and gain on the rest. Look out behind you, Florida Marlins.

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