Monday, April 2, 2007

Nats Challenging for Division Lead

Already surpasing expectations for the season, the Nationals are only one game out of first place with 161 left to play. This gives the club, expected by most to finish last by a large margin, ample time to make up the defecit.

Today's Opening Day, a (result redacted) versus the Florida Marlins, gave a glimpse of the many things to look forward to at RFK this season, most notably the play of Ryan Zimmerman. He launched a triple into the right field gap in the first inning (he is now on pace to have a record-shattering 162 triples this year), and made a pair of sterling defensive plays at third base, one from his back.

Those who waited on long lines for food and drink should not be dismayed, as later this season there will almost certainly be a greater ratio of vendors to fans, resulting in much more personal service. Likewise, the crush of traffic exiting the stadium will abate, giving fans a more pleasant ride home. These improvements will enhance the gameday experience and, coupled with more gorgeous weather like that of Opening Day's, make for a very promising season, one that is not lost by a long stretch.


Frobber Matt said...

Hear, hear!

Unknown said...

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