Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Eagles Not Showing Fiscal Restraint

In an act seen only in the most fiscally irresponsible of football teams, the laughably inept Philadelphia Eagles have hilariously overpaid their starting tailback Brian Westbrook, doubling his signing bonus of $3 million dollars in what was called an "accounting error." Unlike a certain local football team, which happens to only sign their players to reasonable, sound, easily voidable contracts, the Philadelphia Eagles see no problem in spending this huge sum of money on one often-injured player when the team is the main concern. This highly questionable move even has reverberations on "da Iggles" salary cap, crippling the team's ability to sign another one of their players that has left their team for free agency only to crawl back to their decrepit landscape for another tryout. Their frequently terrible personnell decisions have coincided with a distinct lack of superbowl championships, and this unreasonable contract further proves that signing players to glittering contracts is not the answer. Despite "thinking-man's" coach Andy Reid's insistence on refusing to give the DeMatha High product the ball in an effort to throw as many times as possible, Westbrook has proven to be a halfway decent player. But by crippling the Eagles financial prospects in the process of satisfying this very loyal soldier, the team continues to show a lack of winning desire.

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