Friday, May 25, 2007


Austin Kearns just made likely the greatest catch of his career, robbing Jim Edmonds of at least a double in the bottom of the 6th against the Cardinals. After sliding into the concrete base of the left field wall, he even managed to double up a runner at first base. His 2 for 3 performance at the plate (well, 2 for 4 now) rounds out a fine evening nicely. Things are looking good for the Nats again, as they are for the most part capitalizing on having runners on base.

Kearns is turning into a nice story that we hope will become the norm for this club. When he was traded here from the Reds last season, it was widely reported that he was miserable in Washington, and it looked like it could be another one-and-done deal a la Alfonso Soriano (less than one, really). However, after offseason conversations with Nats management, Kearns has bought into what the team is trying to build, and has signed on for the long haul.

It's a nice contrast from the results of an MLB players' poll (taken before the start of the season) in the recent issue of Sports Illustrated. The poll asked players which team they would rather play for other than their own. The only team not to receive a vote was Washington. Kearns is at least one vote against that sentiment. With a bright future and the infectious and unflappable optimism of manager Manny Acta, the Nationals will likely win further converts and, again, disappoint those who predict, and hope for, their failure.

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